Resonant Leadership

A comprehensive and dynamic 7-day program for leaders, covering the latest theories, research and practices of excellent leadership. Themes and topics that are worked on with practical tools and application methods, include:

  •  The leader’s central dilemma: Balancing Confidence with Humbleness and Caring.
  •  Quick Composure for Difficult Situations
  •  Conflict Prevention through Constructive Dialogue
  •  Reconciliation and Conflict Management
  •  Resilience and Optimism
  •  Powerful Persuasion Tools
  •  Your Unique Style, Selling Proposition and Talent as a leader
  •  Emotional Intelligence
  •  Managing the New Generation

Deon’s training sessions always include practical exercises and usable tools for immediate application. The sessions are multi-modal, with short theoretical inputs, demonstrations, film clips, skills practice, training games, energizers, interactive and application exercises.