Business Presentation Skills

A very participative two-day workshop with plenty of opportunities to try out the best practices of effective and dynamic presentations, with immediate VIDEO FEEDBACK.

Participants will be able to:

  •  Design an impactful and persuasive business presentation
  •  Determine your core presentation strategy – using a quick checklist
  •  Analyze the audience for maximum effect and impact
  •  Prepare and structure the content dynamically
  •  Deliver a professional presentation with presence and poise
  •  Use a variety of techniques and methods (e.g. audio-visual aids, rapport and contact with the audience, handling questions, effective use of notes, body language, voice projection and modulation etc.)
  •  Understand and use the best practices of PowerPoint presentations
  •  Practice presentation skills and receive video and group feedback
  •  Handle anxiety and the fear of public speaking
  •  Improvise during presentations and “think on your feet”