Innovate Or Vegetate – Creative Thinking Skills

If you value innovation, your managers and team leaders need to be very effective in facilitating creative thinking and ideas from others, and also know how to manage the process of innovation. This will ensure that your company remains pioneering and cutting edge.

A Practical workshop for facilitators of teams, group processes and meetings where creative thinking is a priority and maximum participation, quality involvement and collective ownership for decisions, strategies, plans and resolutions are required.

Some “hands-on” skills that are provided and practiced include:

  • Growing ideas versus killing ideas.
  • Creating and managing an innovation-friendly work environment and climate.
  • Facilitating brainstorming and creative thinking sessions with a 7-step dynamic process and a “Toolbox” or menu of 36 techniques to choose from (e.g. “brain-writing”, “group grope”, analogy, hieroglyphics, picture cards, S.C.A.M.M.P.E.R.R. etc. etc.)
  • Consensus-building and actioning.
  • Selling new ideas with persuasive influence.

On the second day participants are skilled enough to design and facilitate sessions, and the opportunity is used to “dry run” and practice the tools, techniques and skills.  Feedback is provided to enhance the learning and refine the skills.

Outline of the Program:

  •  Background: From creativity to Innovation
  •  Individual and group innovation: Two different processes
  •  Facilitation skills, tools and techniques for individual and group innovation
  •  Creating an innovation-friendly environment
  •  Managing innovation
  •  “Selling” new ideas persuasively
  •  Practical “dry-runs”: Implementing facilitation skills for stimulating creative thinking and innovation
  •  Drafting a joint implementation and follow-up plan