Corporate Storytelling

A fun-filled, creative and practical two-day session in the important and re-discovered art of storytelling. In the business environment Corporate Storytelling is a powerful management tool, and an age-old secret to add persuasive impact and influence to all your presentations and communications.

Themes to be addressed:

  • What Sticks When We Talk?
  • The Power of Picture Language (Metaphor/Analogy).
  • Stories: Types, Benefits and Uses in Business.
  • The Universal Structure of All Good Stories.
  • Mission, Value or Character-Telling.
  • Using Existing Stories, Tales, Fables or Parables.
  • More Business Stories – Making an Impact.
  • Delivery – Manner and Style.

Deon’s training sessions always include practical exercises and usable tools for immediate application. The sessions are multi-modal, with short theoretical inputs, demonstrations, film clips, skills practice, training games, energizers, interactive and application exercises.