Personal And Interpersonal Excellence

A 2 day workshop filled with practical tools and techniques, skills application, case studies and immediate transfer:

The Best I Can Be (Personal Excellence)

  • Non-negotiable Self-worth.
  • Purpose and priorities (A new look at goal-setting).
  • Optimism, Hardiness and Internal Locus of Control (A practical tool for better performance at work and personal health).
  • Thought Management (3 Questions that can change my life).
  • Anchoring inner resources (Choosing and controlling my own states of excellence – including a quick state of the art method to gain composure under pressure).
  • The Power of Happiness.

The Best We Can Be (Interpersonal Effectiveness)

  • Building Trust and Credibility.
  • The art of conversation/dialogue – the essence of quality relationships.
  • Safe Assertiveness.
  • Deeper and wiser levels of conversing.

The program is highly interactive, dynamic and fun-filled, but committed to immediate and practical skills acquisition of the most powerful tools available in the fields of personal development and interpersonal effectiveness.