Influencing And Persuasion Skills

This two-day program is aimed at gaining some effective influencing and persuasion strategies for today’s business environment.  It is not a negotiation skills course, but a practical exploration of some specific methods and skills that will help you to become more persuasive in many areas of the business, such as:

  • “Selling” your ideas, opinions and proposals to colleagues, staff, management and clients.
  • Motivating different team members and handling different people.
  • Adding persuasive power to your communication and arguments.
  • Apply some of the best persuasion practices in your business environment.
  • How to convince others and change someone’s opinion.
  • A special section on the persuasive power of metaphor and storytelling in business:

The program will be practical and “hands-on” with skills practice and participative exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build trust, credibility and rapport quickly and naturally with others (the foundations of persuasion).
  • Tune into other people’s body language, non-verbal and core verbal messages.
  • Assess what is really needed by others and what they value (“Decision fingerprints”).
  • Respond to, and handle others according to their decision fingerprints.
  • Read different people’s styles and motivational “triggers”.
  • Create motivational strategies for different people according to their “triggers”.
  • Include persuasive power words and language into your communication and arguments to influence others and create mutually acceptable solutions.
  • Convince others with a variety of strategies.
  • Use the power of metaphor, analogy and storytelling - persuasion’s age-old secret.
  • Understand some of the best practices of influence and persuasion, and apply it to priority areas of your work-life.
  • Change someone’ else’s opinion.