Train The Trainer

This very lively and practical 3-day session is trained according the SAQA Unit Standard No. 7384 (Facilitate an Adult Learning Event). It provides trainers with the skills of designing and delivering dynamic training programs, according to the principles of Accelerated and Adult Learning, Active Training, Whole Brain Learning and Multiple Intelligences.

The program is filled with training techniques, games, ice breakers, energizers, usable tools, processes and methods, to liven up your training session and NEVER be boring again.

The essence is about how to design and deliver a training program that includes all the human learning modes, and is geared to how adults learn best.

On the second day the delegates do “dry runs” with design and delivery application, with constructive feedback provided.

The workbook consists literally of many dozens of training techniques, workable tips and tried-out processes that work in practice.

Don’t be fooled by the dry way in which the unit standard’s outcomes are formulated:

Specific Outcome 1

Communicate effectively with adult learners

Specific Outcome 2

Manage the interpersonal dynamics of a learning group

Specific Outcome 3

Mediate knowledge and skills to learners

Specific Outcome 4

Use materials to facilitate learning

Specific Outcome 5

Effect a learning event