Facilitation Skills

A Practical 2-day workshop in the best practices of facilitation and facilitation skills for facilitators of teams, group processes and meetings where maximum participation, quality involvement and collective ownership for decisions, strategies, plans and solutions are required.

A workable 8-Step Model is provided with a Resource File filled with over a hundred facilitation tools and techniques that can immediately be applied.

Some “hands-on” skills that are provided and practiced include:

  • Process Design
  • Process Observation- and Management
  • Prompting, probing and listening
  • Harvesting of ideas (a wide variety of tried and trusted, as well as new techniques)
  • Selecting and Consensus-Building
  • Actioning and closing

On the second day participants are skilled enough to design and facilitate sessions, and the opportunity is used to “dry run” and practice the tools, techniques and skills. Feedback is provided to enhance the learning and refine the skills.

At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand facilitation best practices in terms of the key steps.
  • Understand facilitation best practices in terms of the required core competencies of a successful facilitator.
  • Design interventions and processes that maximally utilize individual and group potential during decision-making, planning, strategizing, problem-solving and other processes.
  • Create maximum ownership for plans, objectives, proposals and solutions through maximum participation.
  • Conduct group sessions and meetings through practically using a wide variety of facilitation tools and techniques.
  • Experience facilitation tools and techniques through first hand demonstrations.
  • “Dry run” a facilitation process with tools and techniques applied to real company issues.